Concerts in WiganBryn Labour Clubs is home to quite a successful snooker team in recent years, having a nice ten year period where we have won numerous trophies and leagues. That is all due to the crisp clean table in the games room and excellent practice facilities. The snooker table is not the only features, you have darts and dominoes and Sky Television with all of the latest premiership football games, rugby, golf, tennis, or whatever you are in to.

The bottom left picture shows the games room with the ceiling lights on and the picture to the bottom right shows the games room with the ceiling lights off, the snooker light on and the snooker table set up. Further to the back wall is the dart board currently hiding behind the snooker light in both pictures and to the right hand side of the snooker light you can nearly see the big screen television. To the top right you can see the area that is just outside of the games room, here you will find 1 fruit machine and a lotto ticket machine and they both boast top prizes for £100-£500. There is a television behind the wall that is compatible with the clubs current Sky Television system.

All it costs to play snooker is £2 deposit on the snooker balls which you get back when they are returned and 20p in the light for 13 minutes play. Bryn Labour Club provide snooker cues and accessories to play the game with.

Bryn Labour Club - 311-317 Wigan Road, Ashton-in-Makerfield, Wigan, Lancashire, WN4 9SX - Tel: 01942 727133 - Places Near Us - Printer Ink - Bookies

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